About us

Audentes fortuna iuvat

Audere is a firearm accessories manufacturing company established in 2016.
We design, develop and manufacture the highest quality, cutting-edge tactical equipment and small arms accessories targeting a broad spectrum of users from military forces, law enforcement, shooting sports and hunting.
Audere was founded on the principle of producing innovative, efficient and reliable products, therefore every project is dictated by a list of mission-driven requirements to ensure a coherent development of the products.
Our team is composed by active shooters with different backgrounds and shared firearms expertise. State of the art engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance methods ensure that our products exceed the highest industry standards.


A line of tactical accessories for rifles which can be used in different contexts, from close quarter combat to long range shooting.



A range of accessories for handguns, developed to fulfill both tactical and sport needs.




In accordance with Article 61 of the 10 August 2012 N.122 Law and subsequent modifications and integrations, Audere srl company does not manufacture and does not market firearms, neither their essential parts, but accessories for them as it can be seen on this website.