for Rifles

Adversus Gen 2 Diam 35 20 Moa Short

Scope Mount

The Adversus series, compatible with any 1913 specification rail, is optimized to be
used on sniper rifles platforms from military forces, law enforcement
and shooting sports. The Scope Link interfaces, situated all over the mount, make it
acts as a modular system configurable by attaching multiple optical accessories.
Each mount is CNC machined from a single piece of 7075 aluminium, this allows
us to keep tolerances which guarantee the best possible return to zero. Their design
ensure required pressure and stability of the system in all conditions to prevent any
shift of the scope, without provoke its deformation or damage.
  • Extremely solid and durable mounts
  • Scope Link interface for attaching optical accessories
  • Designed to maximize zero repeatability
  • Compatible with any 1913 specification rails
  • Manufactured from 7075 aluminium
  • Finished with Type 3 Hard Coat anodizing
  • Canting level

Price: € 285,00

Code  Diam  Height (X)  MOA 
AD0118/A 35 38 20