Valdada 4.8-30x56 40mm RECON G-2 FFP Mil/Mil Scope


Valdada Recon G-2 4.8-30x56 40mm. The first riflescope VALDADA USA developed in partnership with the best manufacturer in Japan. Both robust and lightweight, with exceptional mechanical and optical performances, due to the perfect combination between Schott internal lens and premium Japan glass for the two objective lens. The tactical turrets, with Zero Stop system, have 0.1 MRAD click adjustment and 10 MRAD per revolution, that ensure reliable and easy adjustments. Equipped with the effective X1 MRAD reticle on the first focal plane, show off an incredible adjustment range of 42 MRAD of elevation, that allows the best performances on the long range and extreme long range shooting from the classic 6.5's to the CheyTac's.

Price: € 2.590,00

Magnification  Objective Size  Field Of View (100 Yds)  Exit Pupil  Eye Relief  Dioptrical Adjustment  Reticle Total Adjustment Range  Click Value  Tube Diameter  Lenght  Weight 
4.8-30X56 56 mm 6.79-1.43 m 1.8-11.6 mm 1.1,6 mm da -3 a +3 DPT 42 Mrad a 100 Yards 0.1 Mrad a 100 Yards (1 cm a 100 m) 40 mm 34.92 cm 1077 gr